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tips and informationMaze Gardens are: Stan Smith and Dennis Young. Address 187 Rd. North Fizroy Melbourne. Ph: 9481 7400
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This section is dedicated to informing people how to further improve their gardens and for any news and events related to Maze. Keep checking for updates.


Feng Shui in the garden

Simple steps for balancing the harmony of flora & fauna and energising your surrounding environment.

The garden is the Yin component of your property and the house is the Yang.

Curved pathways & flowerbeds will enhance the positive Chi flow and will counterpoint and balance the straight lines of a house. Straight edged pavers laid in a curved or herringbone pattern will break up straight lines and encourage Chi.

To extend the principal of balance, add contrasting 'textures', such as counterpointing the smooth texture of water with the roughness of rocks.

The contrast of water & rocks also represent the balance of movement (water) and stillness (rocks) and the harmony of humans with nature.

To add tranquility to a corner of your garden, a large rock, pergola or pagoda can be placed in the appropriate spot.

It's ideal Feng Shui for the boundaries of a property to be marked by irregularly shaped hedges, curved walls and flower beds, rather than high, straight fences.

The guiding principal behind applying Feng Shui to your garden is to ensure that it's balanced within itself in all areas and then balances with the home located within it. The components of the garden such as pathways, garden beds and retaining walls all have a role in balancing Feng Shui.





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