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Stages of Development & Design

This section llustrates some of the development, design, and construction stages of gardens previously designed and then created by the Maze Gardens team.

A complete Design Service

Because we want to ensure your ideas grow along with your new garden, we offer a personal level of service and quality assurance.
Our garden design service includes:

  • Project management & consultancy
  • Construction & maintenance
  • Product sourcing & supply
  • Technical problem solving
  Stages of Design

Hanging pot water feature construction

Stage 1: Before any work has been done. This is what the wall looked like originally. To the right is the original design and plan.
Stage 2: Work is started.   Stage 3: More work.   Stage 4: The final result.  

Pool, statue & pergola garden

Stage 1: The initial design is drawn up  

Pool & statue

  Stage 2: Pool under construction Stage 3: Pool completed.


  Stage 2: Pergola under construction.   Stage 3: Pergola completed.
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